The Attraction Reservoir Eilat

The Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine is one of the world's most advanced public submarines.
You safety and comfort is promised using advanced technologies and a handy and experienced crew. The Submarine leaves the Underwater Marine Park, and slowly moves to deeper water, to a depth of 60 meters. In this journey you will experience the slow changes in light levels, the color and underwater life in different depths, ranging from the moon-like deep underwater land, to the warm colors of the shallow aters. The different colour and variety of animals that is displayed before you if a direct consequence of the sun-light that reaches the different depths. In it's course, the Submarine will traverse the steep "Wall of Corals" that reaches a 45-meter depth. The beauty of the corals and the underwater-life that will be displayed to you on this wall will be just as nature created it.
The area that we dive in is a natural reserve. Fishing, coral extraction and fish feeding is illegal in this area and so the natural balance between the different forms of life underwater is kept.
The underwater has three different crew men: the caption, the captain's helper, and the stewardess that will explain and describe the different stages of the journey as it happens.

A journey in the Yellow Submarine is an unforgetable one!