Coral World St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Coral World St. Thomas is the second marine park developed by Coral World International. It was planned and developed personally by Mr. Morris Kahn during 1976-1978. The park opened to the public in 1978 and immediately became the No. 1 tourist attraction in St. Thomas.

Coral World Marine Park in St. Thomas incorporates all the world famous features: Marine Museum, Shark, Stingray and Turtle Pools, Touch Pools, and naturally - The Underwater Observatory.

Coral World St. Thomas was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and was fully renovated by Coral World International. In 1995 Coral World St. Thomas was hit again by Hurricanes Marilyn and Louis.

Following these Hurricanes, Coral World International has decided to sell the park to local entrepreneurs. On April 1997 Coral World St. Thomas was sold to new owners. Notwithstanding, the park was reopened and continus to operate under the "Coral World" title.

You can visit Coral World St. Thomas here.


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