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A Strong Foundation for Ocean Berlin

Ocean Berlin Corner Stone Event

The foundation for Ocean Berlin, a project that uniquely intertwines geological heritage with future aspirations, has been laid, marking a significant milestone.

Berlin, 25 April 2024—Following meticulous planning, the construction site in Rummelsburger Bucht is now evident. The complex civil engineering work has been completed, and the foundation stone for the building's construction was ceremoniously laid today at An der Mole 1 in the presence of around 70 guests and project participants. 

An der Mole 1

Together with the Mayor of Lichtenberg, Martin Schaefer (CDU), Erez Ben-nun, Vice President of Business Operations at Coral World International (CWI), dipped a copper time capsule into the foundation. The capsule was filled with salt as a welcome from the capital, marine fossils, and a bottle of water from the Red Sea. In his speech, Erez Ben-nun emphasized the significance of the location in Rummelsburg Bay as Coral World International's only inland project and highlighted the mission of the company, which has been working with great commitment to save the world's oceans for almost 50 years through educational programs and research. In his welcoming address, Martin Schaefer expressed the city's support for the Ocean Berlin project. The water house will enrich the Rummelsburger Bucht locale and its adjacent park, ensuring free access for all Berliners and enhancing the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

The laying of the foundation stone was marked at a small reception attended by around 70 guests from politics, the construction industry, and planning offices. In his speech, CWI board member Nir Dror spoke about the motivation of Coral Word founder Benjamin Kahn, who had dedicated his life to environmental and marine protection and thanked everyone for their support of the project. The architect of the building, Anna Maske, then took the floor and described the architectural approach of the impressive building. The former chairwoman of Berlin Zoo, Gabriele Thöne, who was unable to attend in person for health reasons, read out a short statement. 

Afterwards, many guests were drawn to a special multimedia exhibition created by Coral World International just for the occasion. Alongside visuals showcasing marine conservation and updates on the building's design, the exhibition highlighted the project's mission on ten large screens, sparking lively discussions.

Storyboards of Ocean berlin

Ocean Berlin is to be understood as a call to action and reverence: "In recognition of the ocean as the elemental force that moves our world and as a reminder of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve this incomparable source of life and energy". In his address to the guests, CWI board member Nir Dror expressed his confidence that work on the building construction is now progressing rapidly and that completion can be expected on schedule. Completion is scheduled for mid-April 2026.

 For further updates on the project, please follow the Ocean Berlin LinkedIn page.


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