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  • J. Lewis

Turtle release off Exmouth

With the arrival of winter, Perth witnesses the severe onset of wild waves and blustery winds, often leaving in their wake the sad sight of washed-up marine life.

It has become an annual tradition for us to receive numerous calls from concerned individuals across Perth who have stumbled upon lost turtles or sea snakes stranded along the shoreline. These cases make up the bulk of our inquiries, yet, on occasion, we also receive puzzling reports about mysterious marine creatures.

These mysteries are often solved with a chuckle, as the intriguing specimens turn out to be nothing more than amusingly unusual sea squirts or sponges.

In the face of adversity, there is always a ray of hope for these resilient beings, and that's where our dedicated team steps in. AQWA takes pride in being the frontline responders for these distressed marine creatures.

Our mission is to provide care and support to the stranded turtles and sea snakes and those peculiar-looking sea squirts and sponges that occasionally confuse our well-meaning callers.

With a commitment to marine life conservation, we strive to ensure that every creature, no matter how peculiar or commonplace, has a fighting chance at survival in the face of nature's challenges.


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