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  • J. Lewis

Experiencing Nature's Marvel: The Annual Coral Spawning at Maui Ocean Center

Every year, the underwater world comes alive in a breathtaking spectacle known as coral spawning. This natural phenomenon unfolds annually and is a captivating display of life and renewal within the ocean's depths.

At the heart of this event, coral polyps release millions of egg and sperm bundles into the water, initiating a remarkable reproduction cycle.

Among the prime contributors to this awe-inspiring phenomenon are the lunar cycle and water temperature, igniting this breathtaking event usually following the full moon in October and November. At Maui Ocean Center, this spectacular display typically commences approximately an hour after sunset and spans for hours. The eruption of egg and sperm bundles, a sight resembling an underwater blizzard of colorful flakes, takes place over a concise yet magical 20–30-minute period.

Witnessing this natural spectacle is akin to being part of a mesmerizing journey. As billions of vibrant flakes float in the water, the nymphs, irresistibly drawn to light, embark on a journey that may traverse days or even weeks before finding a suitable reef to settle upon.

Maui Ocean Center is a prime location to witness and appreciate this wonder of nature. Amidst the serene waters and vibrant marine life, visitors are granted a front-row seat to this annual spectacle, offering an unparalleled opportunity to behold the miracle of coral spawning.

Experience the enchantment and beauty of this phenomenon at Maui Ocean Center, where nature's wonders unfold before your eyes, leaving an indelible mark of fascination and admiration for the ocean's mysteries.


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