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  • Mike Morris

Maui Ocean Center is in the running for the nation’s best aquarium

Location: MĀʻALAEA, MAUI, HI

A panel of esteemed experts has nominated Maui Ocean Center for the "Best Aquarium" in the nation as part of USA Today's 2024 Readers' Choice Awards. This nomination comes in recognition of Maui Ocean Center's diverse offerings, including thrilling experiences such as a cage-free shark dive in a 750,000-gallon tank, snorkelling tours, a turtle lagoon, and a captivating 3D humpback whale encounter, as reported by USA Today. The publication highlights "best aquariums play a vital role in animal conservation by participating in rescue efforts and marine advocacy."

Maui Ocean Center is in the running for the nation’s best aquarium

Presently ranked fourth out of 20, Maui Ocean Center faces competition from renowned establishments such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Public voting remains open until May 13, with the Top 10 winners set to be announced on May 22. For those wishing to support Maui Ocean Center, you can vote by clicking the link below.

In recent accolades, Maui Ocean Center triumphed in two categories at the esteemed Hawai'i magazine Readers' Choice Awards: "Best Museum on Maui" and "Best All-Island Attraction." The nomination of Maui Ocean Center for "Best Aquarium" underscores its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. As it competes for this prestigious title and garners recognition for its offerings, the center remains unwavering in its mission to inspire wonder and appreciation for Hawaii's marine life. Through ongoing initiatives and a dedicated focus on sustainability, Maui Ocean Center continues to stand out as a premier destination for exploring the beauty and diversity of the ocean.


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