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  • J. Lewis

Perth's Most Unique Christmas Dining Experience: Dine Beneath the Sea

Perth, Western Australia, is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, and during the holiday season, it becomes even more enticing. If you're searching for a Christmas experience that will leave a lasting impression, then a journey to Hillarys, WA, and a visit to AQWA's "Dine Beneath the Sea" is an absolute must.

Imagine descending into an underwater realm, where a symphony of colors and movements surrounds you, all orchestrated by nature itself. AQWA's "Dine Beneath the Sea" offers an extraordinary culinary journey beneath the waves, unlike any experience you've had before.

Dine Beneath the Sea

Your adventure begins with an exclusive after-hours tour of the aquarium, providing a rare opportunity to explore its wonders in the serene ambiance of adults-only evening access.

As your journey continues, you'll descend into the underwater tunnel, where a table for two awaits, set against a mesmerizing underwater landscape that will leave you spellbound.

AQWA's "Dine Beneath the Sea"

This Christmas, venture beyond the ordinary and let the enchanting marine world of AQWA's "Dine Beneath the Sea" envelop you in a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Discover the magic of the underwater world while indulging in culinary delights, all set against the backdrop of a Christmas Edition that promises to create holiday season memories you'll cherish forever.

The culinary magic of "Dine Beneath the Sea" is masterfully crafted by Chef Chris Barker, originally hailing from the UK. He arrived in Australia 13 years ago, and today, Chris proudly calls Perth home. Chris's culinary journey is defined by his unwavering passion for good food and a commitment to excellence. With his elegant and well-crafted menus, he ensures a relaxed and memorable dining experience for you and your guests.

Don't miss out on this exceptional experience. Book your tickets now and make this Christmas one to remember.

Your senses, your taste buds, and your holiday spirit will thank you!


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