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  • Julie P.

Unveiling the Alitan Shark: Exploring the Petits Taurons-Acció Stellaris Project

After the recent release of the comic book "El Gatvaire, una historia gens Espinosa," Palma Aquarium is thrilled to introduce the "Petits taurons-Acció Stellaris" event. The event was led by Borja Torres, Margalida Vanrell, and Santiago Garcia, experts in marine biology, veterinary medicine, and conservation management.

Unveiling the Alitan Shark: Exploring the Petits Taurons-Acció Stellaris Project

The event was moderated by Debora Morrison and Marco Magazzu of the Palma Aquarium Foundation and provided a collaborative learning and knowledge exchange platform. Borja Torres, a seasoned Marine Biologist with 15 years of experience at Cabrera National Park, shared insights from his work at the Visitor Center and overseeing fishing monitoring in the park's waters. Margalida Vanrell, a veterinary medicine graduate, added her animal medicine expertise backed by IRFAP-LIMIA research. Santiago Garcia, the project technician at Palma Aquarium Foundation, brought a fresh perspective.

In addition to the presentation, a special children's activity was organized, featuring storytelling from the comic "El Gatvaire, una história gens Espinosa." Through the eyes of an Alitan shark, young participants were engaged in a fascinating story, gaining a unique understanding of the "Petits Taurons" project and the importance of marine conservation.

Stay tuned for the next event in March - "Mediterranean Lungs." It serves as a reminder of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve our marine ecosystems, ensuring a sustainable future for the Alitan shark and all inhabitants of the Mediterranean.


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