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  • Julie P.

Ocean Berlin Launches Marine Education Program

Updated: Jun 13

Berlin, 10. June 2024 — Ocean Berlin proudly unveils its marine education program, aimed at transforming the way students of all ages engage with our oceans. Supported by the esteemed Mayor of Lichtenberg, Mr Schaefer, this initiative offers complimentary lectures in educational institutions designed to deepen understanding and appreciation for marine life and conservation efforts.


As a city renowned for its cultural diversity and commitment to sustainability, Berlin is poised to lead the way in empowering future generations to become stewards of our precious marine ecosystems. Led by Dr Lisa-Marie Braun, this program marks a significant step forward in this direction. Join us on this journey towards a brighter, more environmentally conscious future.

The Ocean Berlin educational program utilizes interactive presentations to educate children and students about the fascinating world of the seas — from the surface to the depths, from the smallest plankton to the majestic blue whale. Discussions include threats to marine ecosystems, with participants collaborating to find solutions to protect them. "We aim to impart knowledge, promote sustainable practices, and raise awareness of marine conservation among the next generation," explains Dr Lisa-Marie Braun, outlining the educational initiative's core objective.

The program is available immediately, free of charge, for interested kindergartens and school educational institutions in the greater Berlin area. Inquiries can be made through the contact form at


Ocean Berlin, currently under construction, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Lisa-Marie Braun as Lead Marine Biologist. Dr. Braun, a distinguished marine biologist and diving instructor, brings a wealth of theoretical and practical expertise to her role, garnered from extensive research and conservation projects worldwide. Her leadership promises to inspire children and students to explore the wonders of the underwater world and advocate for the protection of marine ecosystems.


"I am honoured to join the Ocean Berlin team," says Dr Braun. "This initiative presents a unique opportunity to foster a generation of ocean advocates, and I am eager to lead the charge in educating and empowering our community."


Benjamin Kahn, the founder and owner of Ocean Berlin, expresses enthusiasm: "Dr. Braun's appointment reinforces Ocean Berlin's commitment to excellence in marine education and conservation. Her expertise and passion make her an ideal leader for our educational programs."


About Dr. Lisa-Marie Braun

Dr. Lisa-Marie Braun is a proven expert in the field of marine science, with a diverse academic background and extensive practical experience. She holds a doctorate magna cum laude from Humboldt University in Berlin and has contributed to numerous research projects worldwide, focusing on marine biodiversity and conservation.

Her career highlights include research at the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) in Berlin, as well as various projects with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). Dr Braun is also an experienced diving instructor and a passionate advocate for marine conservation.



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