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A 50-Year Legacy of Oceanic Excellence

We at Coral World International have proudly established ourselves as a world-renowned marine expert for almost five decades.
We take great pride in bringing the ocean to millions of people around the globe, all while fostering a deep commitment to preserving oceanic life.

Coral World is a leader in establishing, maintaining, and expanding marine ocean centers.

We are known for creating specialized coral reef habitats uniquely tailored to their locations.


Coral World expanded globally to educate visitors about marine life.  
Our environmental stewardship is evident in their sustainable practices, reflecting dedication to safeguarding the oceans for future generations.


Within our parks, we demonstrate expertise in safeguarding and rejuvenating coral reefs through extensive research and numerous conservation projects, ensuring the preservation of these vital ecosystems for the benefit of all.

Our Locations

Tienda-Family fun
Family fun
Perth Sharks
Coral World

Our Impact 

Coral World International is deeply committed to the global protection and restoration of coral reefs and marine life.


We support research initiatives and promote sustainable practices to safeguard our planet's valuable marine ecosystems.

All our marine parks operate in conjunction with non-profit foundations. These foundations house thriving rehabilitation centers for injured marine animals, offer research opportunities and maintain coral repositories.

We collaborate closely with community leaders to establish marine centers that serve the local community's needs.

Palma Aquarium Foundation
AQWA foundation
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