Coral World International are world renowned marine experts.
We are very proud  to be able to bring the ocean to millions of people across the world and inspire them to protect marine life. 

About Us

Coral World International is a true leader in creating, maintaining and growing marine ocean centers.


We create specialized coral reef habitats, unique to their locations along with other engaging marine displays.



About the Parks

In our parks, guests get closer to the oceans in a safe environment and have an incredible underwater view, previously available only to divers and scientists. 


We own highly popular brands including the Underwater Observatory in Eilat, the Red Sea, the Maui Ocean Center in Maui, Hawai`i, AQWA in Perth, Australia and the Palma Aquarium in Mallorca.




About Conservation 

We care  passionately for the oceans and our parks are unrivaled for both their commitment to animal and human welfare.

We are experts in protecting and restoring coral reefs in our parks and through multiple research and conservation projects.



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Coral World in the News


Palma Aquarium Spain

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-23 at

A new initiative with the aim of conserving the shark population received a kickstart at the Palma Aquarium in a joint signing between national ministries and five conservation organizations.


The signing of this new project, aims to breed “Gatvaires” as an initiative to raise awareness and improve the conservation status of the species.  


This project will have a minimum duration of about three years and the long-term goal is to extend the initiative to other endangered sharks in the Balearic Islands.


Underwater Observatory Eilat 

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Underwater Observatory Eilat: The Underwater Observatory opens its brand new 360 degree aqua dome with a breath-taking short immersive film on humpback whales. 

Visitors can learn about these Gentle giants in a completely unique 3D audiovisual experience in a new facility


Maui Ocean Center, Hawai`i

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Maui Ocean Center:

The Maui Ocean 


Maui Ocean Center presents their summer programming of "Go Green for Blue" under Ocean Aloha!

This focuses on island based marine conservation providing further education for both visitors and locals.


It includes: themed in-park entertainment for children teaching them to care for natural resources, sustainable shopping and dining and  organized beach clean ups.