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Our Locations



Immerse in the unique ocean of the Hawaiian archipelago.  The overwhelming sense of place in this magnificent hub of marine life and learning is an unmissable experience.


Explore marine life life through our one-of-a-kind underwater observatory and interactive exhibits. The first of Coral World's aquariums, this unique Aquarium offers a gateway to the coral reefs of the Red Sea, viewable 6 meters below the water surface. 


Experience the rich and vibrant underwater world of the Mediteranean aquatic habitats. Explore Europes' largest display of a coral reef and multi-sensory exhibits that are truly fascinating.


Follow the Leeuwin Current along the Western Australian Coastline. Meet and learn to love the underwater life that currently uses point as an ocean habitat.

Tenerife Ocean Park

In a prime location in Adeje, Coral World International is proudly advancing a new breed of Ocean park.  This major new attraction is a titanic-sized multi-sensory encounter.

There are a variety of spectacular wet and dry marine exhibits which you can take part in, including a 7000-meter jungle and an enormous ocean tank. 

A world class facility, we invite visitors to encounter the Atlantic Ocean and learn about its residents in a truly immersive and deeply moving experience.


Ocean Berlin

Ocean Berlin is a state of the art oceanarium, currently under development in Berlin, Germany.

Set to be a transformative project, Ocean Berlin demonstrates that beyond a doubt, Berlin is the focal point in Europe for authentic environmental change.

Coral Reef Island
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