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Our Parks

Discover the enchanting underwater world and explore the wonders of Coral World Parks. With four thriving global locations and two more under construction, we serve as your portal to a diverse and vibrant marine paradise.
The underwater observatory Eilat

Eilat, Israel

Palma Aquarium

Mallorca, Spain

Maui Ocean Center

Maui, Hawaii, USA

AQWA logo - sea for yourself

Perth, Australia

The Maui Ocean Center, Maui, Hawai`i

Established in 1998, Maui Ocean Center has been dedicated to conserving Hawai’i’s exceptional marine life.


The mission is to provide unmatched opportunities to engage with extraordinary oceanic creatures, some of which are exclusive to Hawai’i. With one of the world’s most extensive collections of live Pacific corals, we are committed to preserving these vital ecosystems.


The exhibits and educational programs are thoughtfully curated to instill a newfound appreciation for Hawai’i’s coastal environment and rich local culture among both residents and visitors.

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The Underwater Observatory, Eilat 

Discover the wonders of marine life through our unparalleled underwater observatory and interactive exhibits.


As the flagship of Coral World's aquariums, this distinctive facility provides a captivating window to the coral reefs of the Red Sea, visible from 6 meters below the water's surface.

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Palma Aquarium,
Mallorca, Spain 

Since 2007, Palma Aquarium has been offering guests an experience like no other on the island of Majorca.

We proudly allow our guests to witness real underwater life in large marine enclosures.

This unique encounter allows you to truly experience a variety of aquatic habitats from around the world.

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AQWA The Aquarium of Western Australia.jpg

Perth, Australia

Established as Underwater World Perth in 1988 with a single aquarium, Today, AQWA proudly features over 45 unique exhibits dedicated to Western Australian marine life. 

Most of these species are so rare that they cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our visitors can witness marine life from the icy southern waters to the state's northern regions, spanning over 12,000 kilometers of richly diverse coastline. 

As Australia's largest single aquarium, AQWA's 'Shipwreck Coast' boasts three million liters of flowing seawater and houses the nearly 100-meter Underwater Tunnel, offering a remarkable journey beneath the sea.

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Coming Soon

Ocean Berlin is a state of the art aquarium, currently being developed by Coral World International in Berlin, Germany.
Set to be a transformative project, Ocean Berlin demonstrates that beyond a doubt, Berlin is the focal point in Europe for authentic environmental change.
Once completed and open to the public, Ocean Berlin will be a beacon for conservation enthusiasts providing a chance to connect with the majesty of the underwater world.
We hope to contribute to understanding the fragility of marine life, from the deep water to the sunlight zone and motivate Berliners into action for the long term health of the oceans. 
Ocean berlin coming soon.png
Tenerife Ocean park.png

Tenerife Ocean Park

In a prime location in Adeje, we plan to unveil a new breed of Ocean Park.


This upcoming major attraction is poised to be a titanic-sized, multi-sensory encounter.

Visitors can look forward to a variety of spectacular wet and dry marine exhibits that they can explore, including a 7000-meter jungle and an enormous ocean tank.

As a future world-class facility, we will be extending an invitation to visitors to immerse themselves in an extraordinary experience, enabling them to encounter the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean and learn about its remarkable residents.

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