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At Coral World International, we specialize in Creating World-Class Marine Parks. With almost five decades of expertise in marine conservation and entertainment, we are dedicated to designing and developing marine parks that set new standards in the industry. 
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Marine Parks with
Underwater Observatories

We're masters in the art of creating captivating underwater observatories. Our journey commenced with the establishment of the world's very first Underwater Observatory in Eilat. This pioneering project paved the way for subsequent successes, including underwater observatories in St. Thomas and Nassau.

Our specialization in delivering immersive underwater observatory experiences truly sets us apart. We seamlessly integrate a marine park on land to enhance the extraordinary underwater adventure.


These parks feature an open-water circulation system, allowing us to showcase live corals alongside a diverse collection of exotic fish and invertebrates.

Acrylic Tunnel
Experience Design

We specialize in offering a unique service focused on creating, designing, and maintaining extraordinary acrylic tunnels.


These transparent passageways serve as the centerpiece of attractions at marine parks in Perth and Manly, Australia, as well as Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

We take pride in seamlessly integrating these tunnels with the marine environment, providing visitors with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to observe the excitement and beauty of underwater sea life.

Acrylic Tunnel.png
_Coral Nurseries Nurturing the Future.png

Creating Aquariums
with Living Coral Reefs

We offer a distinguished service in the creation of captivating and sustainable aquariums. One of the hallmarks of our service is the integration of sizeable living coral reefs in all our centers.

These living coral reefs are a testament to our commitment to marine conservation and the well-being of marine life. We harness advanced technology and employ best practices to ensure the perfect conditions for marine life to survive and thrive.

By choosing our service, you're not only investing in the beauty of aquatic environments but also the future of marine conservation.


We take pride in creating aquariums and look forward to bringing these underwater wonders to your location.

Ocean Experts -
Management and Consultancy

In addition to managing and operating our marine parks, Coral World International offers specialized management and consultancy services to both established park owners and prospective investors. 

One notable example of our consultancy services is our collaboration with the development of Seaworld Jakarta. This remarkable facility, opened to the public in June 1994, quickly became one of Jakarta's premier attractions.


Our involvement with Seaworld Jakarta underscores our expertise in assisting new projects, ensuring their success, and contributing to the growth of marine-based tourism in the region.


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