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The Ocean is our Habitat

We create world-class marine parks.

Marine Parks with Underwater Observatories

We established our first underwater observatory in Eilat and then later, replicated this with projects in St. Thomas and Nassau.

At these sites, visitors cross a bridge over the reef to enter the underwater observatory. Here, they can observe fish and other reef dwellers in the depths of the sea.

The underwater observatory is complemented by a marine park on land which maintains a unique, open water circulation system, enabling live corals to be displayed together with many exotic fish and invertebrates.



All our centers boast large living coral reefs where the perfect conditions are created using advanced technology, for marine life to thrive.

YAN_0126 - observatory tower and coral p

In the marine parks at Perth and Manly in Australia and in Palma de Mallorca in Spain , the heart of the attraction are acrylic tunnels, where visitors can take a journey under the sea.  Here they view, as divers would, the excitement of underwater sea life.



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Ocean Experts

Consultancy services

In addition to the company-owned parks, Coral World International also provides management and consultancy services to existing and prospective investors.


Coral World International provided such services to a brand new development, Seaworld Jakarta. Opened to the public in June 1994, this marine park has already become one of Jakarta's major attractions.

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