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About Us

Welcome to Coral World – your gateway to the ocean's wonders! 
With over 40 years of unrivaled experience, we proudly lead the world in underwater viewing centers. 
Our journey began with a visionary concept - to bring the captivating beauty of the ocean within reach of everyone.  
Today, we continue to build on that legacy, operating four thriving ocean centers with two more on the horizon. 
Our commitment is inspiring and connecting individuals to the ocean's splendor, leaving a lasting impact.

Our Mission

Coral World's mission is deeply rooted in our commitment to excellence in marine care. Operating four world-class marine centers, we provide exceptional facilities for the animals entrusted to our care.

Our dedicated staff is a team of highly trained curators and animal experts, collectively boasting decades of experience in marine behavior, disease prevention, and the provision of optimal living conditions for marine creatures. 

Our mission revolves around the welfare and well-being of these remarkable animals, ensuring their health, happiness, and preservation for future generations.


Our Vision

Our primary vision at our marine ocean centers is to kindle a sense of wonder and curiosity, encouraging individuals to explore beneath the surface and uncover the hidden wonders of the underwater world. 

Our commitment lies in making the profound beauty and complexity of the oceans accessible to all.

We envision igniting a deep and enduring connection between people and the oceans, exceeding mere fascination and becoming a lifelong commitment to their conservation and well-being. 

This lasting bond will not only enrich the lives of individuals but also serve as a powerful force in preserving our planet's most precious marine ecosystems for generations to come.

Our Values

Prioritize the Ocean. Our foremost commitment is to the oceans. We wholeheartedly champion and support marine life.
Inspire Wonder. We provide expert and genuine insights into the marine world. Central to every aquarium visit is a highly qualified guide offering a profound and immersive experience.
Your Access Point. We are dedicated to enabling visitors to interact with marine life through multi-sensory experiences and exhibits.
Nurture Joy. By reconnecting our guests with the sea, we provide healing and happiness that can only be found in the embrace of nature.

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