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About us


For over four decades, Coral World has

led the world in underwater viewing centers. 



Our values are fourfold: Ocean first; Create Wonder, Provide a gateway, Foster Joy and Understanding 

Put Oceans first . We are first and foremost advocates of the oceans. We actively promote and sustain marine life.

Create Wonder - We offer expert and authentic guidance to the marine world. At the heart of every trip to the aquarium is a highly qualified guide delivering a deep and immersive experience.

Your Gateway - We are determined to give visitors a chance to engage with marine life through multi-sensory experiences and exhibits.

Foster Joy - We believe that by bringing our guests 'back to the sea', we offer  healing and happiness that is only experienced through nature. 


In our unique marine ocean centers our goal is to get people to look below the surface. 

We want to help spark a caring relationship between people and the oceans, that will last a lifetime. 


Our founder, Morris Kahn realized in the 1970s that most people were unable to view the underwater world in action. 

In true trailblazing fashion, he took on the challenge and developed the only Underwater Observatory in the western hemisphere, originally called Coral World.




Coral World was born out of a vision - to give everyone the chance to experience the ocean.

More than 40 years later and  with our extensive prior experience, we lead the world in underwater viewing centers.


Coral World currently have four ocean centers and another two on the way. 

We now proudly operate four marine centers that provide excellent facilities for the animals under our care.

Our staff are comprised of highly trained curators and animals experts with decades of experience in marine behavior, preventing diseases and providing the best possible living conditions for marine creatures.

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