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Who we are


 Coral World international create, develop and maintain marine parks to inspire visitors to protect the oceans.



In times when the oceans are challenged by unprecedented problems, we are determined to share our love and knowledge for the marine world and provide opportunities for all our visitors to experience the underwater world. 

We take our role seriously and are dedicated to ensuring that the animals, under our care, are kept in the best possible conditions. 






We believe that to develop a healthy relationship with marine life, we must bring visitors in close contact with nature, in an environment that is safe for all.


Our oceanariums are in four remote and unique locations. 

These are all centers of conservation and research, dedicated to protecting the creatures endemic to the region, and inspiring ocean awareness, conservation and knowledge.






At our marine parks, visitors make new discoveries, every time they visit. 

Coral World's tropical displays are recognized as the most beautiful in the world. We specialize in creating ecologically friendly tropical life systems in symbiotic environments.


These systems are planned with an eye to accuracy and detail, and are carefully designed to ensure the perfect combination of fascination, aesthetics, conservation and education.

Our exhibits provide the optimum conditions for marine species and our guides have decades of knowledge and experience. At the core of all our activities is a dedication to giving over our knowledge.

Immersive Experience

We give visitors the best place to experience and appreciate the ocean through multi-faceted experiences. This means we have developed multiple opportunities in all our locations to have digitalized sensory experiences.


Our People
focus on conservation, education and social action 


We have teams that are highly trained to assess the needs of the marine residents in the aquariums. using multiple factors to assess the welfare and well-being of each and every animal. 

Expert guides

For our visitors,  we have expert guides who are there for all your questions and to provide highly specialized information around the marine life. 



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