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Fostering, Crafting,
and Sustaining 
Marine Parks 

In an era where our oceans face unprecedented challenges, we are resolute in sharing our deep love and knowledge of the marine world, offering unique opportunities for all our guests to immerse themselves in the underwater realm. 
We take our role as stewards of marine life seriously and are unwavering in our dedication to providing the best possible conditions for the animals under our care. Developing a healthy relationship with marine life necessitates bringing visitors into close contact with nature within a safe environment.

Our Parks

Our oceanariums are strategically located in four remote and unique destinations, each serving as a center for conservation and research.


These locations are dedicated to safeguarding the creatures endemic to their respective regions while also inspiring ocean awareness, conservation, and knowledge. When you visit our marine parks, you're poised to make discoveries with every visit.

The tropical displays are renowned as the most exquisite in the world. We specialize in creating ecologically friendly tropical life systems within symbiotic environments. These systems are meticulously planned with a keen eye for precision and detail, ensuring the perfect blend of fascination, aesthetics, conservation, and education.

Our exhibits provide optimal conditions for marine species, and our guides bring decades of knowledge and experience to every interaction. A dedicated commitment to sharing our knowledge is at the core of all our activities.

Coral world reputation

Eilat, Israel

Mallorca, Spain

Maui, Hawaii, USA

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Perth, Australia

Our Focus

Our team prioritizes conservation, education, and social action in every aspect of our work.

Our Focus
Curatorial Expertise

Our highly trained teams meticulously evaluate the welfare and well-being of every marine resident.

Curatorial Expertise
Expert Guides

Our expert guides are on hand to answer your questions and offer specialized insights during your visit.

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