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Green Coral and Fish

 Put Oceans first


We are first and foremost,
advocates of the oceans.


About Our Parks

We actively promote and sustain marine life. 

Coral World International is at the forefront of saving the oceans through its innovative and impactful initiatives. This organization recognizes the crucial role that coral reefs play in maintaining the health of our oceans, and takes comprehensive measures to protect and restore these delicate ecosystems.

This clear purpose has led to the creation of marine parks dedicated to the welfare of marine animals, under our care, and multiple projects that protect, support and help marine species to thrive.


 The organization employs a combination of cutting-edge techniques, such as coral nurseries . By cultivating young corals in nurseries and then displaying them to the public, we create awareness for their lives wihtout harming those in the ocean. We also replant corals which helps rebuild ecosystems that support a diverse range of marine life.


In addition to coral restoration, Coral World International actively works towards raising awareness about the importance of ocean conservation. They conduct educational programs and engage with local communities, schools, and tourists to highlight the value of coral reefs and the threats they face. By promoting understanding and empathy, they inspire people to take action, encouraging behaviors like responsible tourism and sustainable fishing practices.


Coral World International is also involved in scientific research and monitoring programs to better understand the threats facing coral reefs and to develop effective conservation strategies. Through partnerships with universities, research institutions, and government agencies, they contribute valuable data to global efforts aimed at protecting and preserving our oceans.


Coral Nurseries 

Coral World International are proud coral enthusiasts and make it our business to protect coral reefs.


 We have a very successful coral nursery at the Palma Aquarium, which means we can raise corals and protect them in the very best conditions.


It also means we have the opportunity to study and research corals as they develop, hoping to contribute to their ability to survive in the ever changing oceans. 

Coral release program

We believe that if we are to achieve any change long term, we must educate from a young age, with this in mind we run a highly successful coral release program in coordination with the ministry of education at the Underwater Observatory in Eilat.


Every school year, we invite children to help us care for fragments of broken coral, collected from the Red Sea, from areas that are prone to physical interference from divers, anchors and of course, people. Throughout the school year, these children, as part of a long-term environmental project, learn to care for their own coral thus creating a bond. When the coral is released back to the sea, by our divers, we transfer long-term responsibility of coral care to these children, who now have to protect corals in the ocean, whenever they go into the sea.

Shark Breeding 

With the current shark crisis in the Mediterranean, the Palma Aquarium with nine concerned and environmental minded organizations and ministries to breed sharks, was launched. 

This pilot project has seen almost a full year of successful breeding of sharks under the care of the Fundación Palma Aquarium and the Cabrera National Park, with the hope that prosperous breeding would precede release into the wild.


Turtle Rehabilitation and release



The Turtle Pool at our Perth Marine park, AQWA, provides specialized care for the sick and injured turtles that wash up on WA’s shores. The aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and release.


This project is in collaboration with Western Australia’s department of Parks and Wildlife to rehabilitate and release its rescued turtles.


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