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Put Ocean First

At our core, we are dedicated advocates for the oceans. 
Our firm commitment to ocean conservation drives all our efforts. We embrace the responsibility of safeguarding these essential ecosystems. Through our advocacy for the oceans, we chart a path toward a sustainable and harmonious coexistence between humanity and the marine world.

We are dedicated to promoting and nurturing marine life.

Coral World International leads ocean conservation through innovative and impactful initiatives. Our organization recognizes the critical role of coral reefs in sustaining the health of our oceans and takes comprehensive measures to safeguard and restore these delicate ecosystems.

This focused mission has led to the establishing of marine parks dedicated to the well-being of marine animals under our care and multiple projects that champion and support marine species.

Our approach combines cutting-edge techniques, including coral nurseries. By cultivating young corals in nurseries and showcasing them to the public, we raise awareness about their lives without harming those in the ocean. We also engage in coral replanting, restoring ecosystems that support a diverse range of marine life.

In addition to coral restoration, Coral World International actively works to heighten awareness about the significance of ocean conservation.


We conduct educational programs, engaging with local communities, schools, and tourists to underscore the value of coral reefs and their challenges. By promoting understanding and empathy, we inspire people to take action, encouraging responsible tourism and sustainable fishing practices.

Coral World International is also deeply involved in scientific research and monitoring programs to comprehend the threats to coral reefs and develop effective conservation strategies. We contribute valuable data to global efforts to protect and preserve our oceans through partnerships with universities, research institutions, and government agencies.

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Shark Breeding 

Amidst the ongoing shark crisis in the Mediterranean, the Palma Aquarium initiated a landmark shark breeding program in collaboration with nine dedicated environmental organizations and ministries.


This pioneering project has witnessed nearly a full year of successful shark breeding under the attentive care of the Fundación Palma Aquarium and the Cabrera National Park


The ultimate goal is to ensure that the thriving breeding efforts will pave the way for the eventual release of these sharks back into the wild.

Coral Nurseries:
Nurturing the Future

Our passion for corals drives us to protect and preserve coral reefs. We take great pride in our thriving coral nursery at the Palma Aquarium, where we raise and protect corals in optimal conditions.

This nursery provides us with a unique opportunity to closely study and research the development of corals to enhance their resilience in the face of ever-changing ocean conditions.


Our dedication to these remarkable marine organisms fuels our commitment to their survival and the health of our oceans.

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Coral Release Program: Cultivating Young Stewards

Coral Release Program: Cultivating Young Stewards

To drive lasting change, we must begin with early education. To this end, we proudly operate a highly successful Coral Release Program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education at the Underwater Observatory in Eilat.

Each school year, we invite students, encouraging them to join us in nurturing fragments of coral collected from the Red Sea, sourced from areas susceptible to physical disruption from divers, anchors, and human activity. 

Over the school year, the students engage in a comprehensive, long-term environmental project, fostering a deep connection with their designated coral specimens. When the time comes for our divers to return the coral to the sea, we entrust these children with the enduring responsibility of caring for the coral in its natural habitat. They become the guardians of coral, ensuring its protection whenever they venture into the ocean.


This program instills a profound sense of environmental stewardship in the younger generation, paving the way for a more sustainable future for our oceans.

Turtle Rehabilitation
and release

The Turtle Pool at our Perth Marine Park, AQWA, offers specialized care for sick and injured turtles found on the shores of Western Australia. 


We aim to rescue, rehabilitate, and release these precious marine creatures. In partnership with Western Australia's Department of Parks and Wildlife, we are dedicated to rehabilitating and eventually releasing the turtles we rescue.

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