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Meet The Team

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Benjamin Kahn 

Founder and CEO


Mr Kahn has been a dedicated leader of all Coral World parks for decades, ensuring a commitment to the well-being of all marine creatures and listed as one of Times Magazines' 2007 Hero's of the Environment.

With a deep love of marine life, he is a true advocate for all the oceans and it is with that agenda in mind he leads Coral World International.  

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Erez Ben Nun

VP Business Dev and Operations

Erez hails from a background in Start Ups and Hi-tech and works closely on both the operation of ongoing parks and upcoming projects.

He plays a major role in the current development of  two new marine park projects. 

A veteran at Coral World International with almost 20 years company experience, Erez served as General Manager of the Red Sea Underwater Observatory in Eilat for 6 years.


Nir Dror


Nir joined Coral World International in 2013 and is a seasoned accountant with many years in finance, including both investment banking and private equity experience in Origo Investments and Lehman Brothers, amongst other firms.


He has an extensive knowledge in the feild of finance.  provides strategic counseling for Coral World International.

Nir holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, LL.M master of Law and a Bachelors in accounting and Law from Tel Aviv University. 


Ola Kamelgarn

VP Finance

Ola joined Coral World International in 2017  and brings with her experience from Hi-tech, Real estate, pension and funds.

Lead accountant with responsibility over all financial matters in the marine parks. 

Ola holds a CPA and a BSc in Economics and Business Management from Bar Ilan University.

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Tracey Horowitz

VP Marketing and Brand Director

Tracey joined Coral World International in 2019 and hails from a background in Hi-techs, Start- ups amongst other industries. 

At Coral World international she leads the brand and digital marketing strategy across the parks. 

Tracey holds an MSc in Psychology from the University of Sheffield, and two BA Hons one in Psychology from TVU and another In International Politics from the University of Leeds.

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Yaron Sapir

Project and Design Manager

Yaron joined Coral World International in 2021 as the Project and Design Manager for Overseas activity. 

He is a veteran architect, with over 20 years experience including complex public projects across Europe, such as the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam and Plaza Centers shopping malls in the Czech republic,

Yaron is a qualified Architect and graduated from the Technion in Haifa with B.Arch  (Hons). 

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Itay Kreisel

Water Engineer

To date, Itay boasts 33 years of experience in water & wastewater treatment, in industrial and municipal sectors. This includes many years working at an EPC contractor (Galil Engineering Group).


Itay specializes in design and execution of various turnkey projects, including Life Support Systems (LSS) in fish Aquariums.

Itay is a qualified Water Engineer holding his BSC in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Environmental engineering from the Technion, in Haifa, Israel.

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Aharon miroz

Chief Scientific Curator 

Aharon Miroz is a highly respected marine professional, with over 47 years experience.

His expertise is in marine biology, with a specialization in corals.


Aharon was instrumental in the 1982 rehabilitation of the Coral reef in the Gulf of Eilat, with his personal discoveries using coral fragments. 

A dedicated pioneer in coral restoration, Aharon  builds  thriving marine ecosystems in our aquariums.


Simon Arnold
Exhibit Designer

Simon is an imagineer and has worked in the design & construction of aquariums for over 30 years. 


Growing up in New Zealand imparted a deep love and respect for the ocean and a strong desire to communicate this through art, design & education.  


Simon studied biology then became a scientific illustrator and worked in film before specialising in aquarium habitats & exhibitions. He is also a landscape designer and sculptor. 


Victoria Marden
Exhibit Co-ordinator

Victoria grew up in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands where her love for the outdoors & adventure was born.  She has coordinated and project managed construction projects all over the world & for the past 20yrs has worked with Coral World. 


A qualified lawyer & teacher she has a multi tasked role and directs and manages the creative teams.

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