The Ocean is our Habitat


Attractions that clean up the future 

Coral World International is a front runner in creating  solutions for aquatic life to thrive.

Our long experience in creating successful exhibits in marine ocean centers makes us a go-to for other fledgling developments.

In all Coral World ocean centers, we work with a large number of scientists and experts in the field and put the health of our thriving coral reefs and life at the core of every visitor attraction.


About Conservation

The need for environmentally-savvy, forward thinking visitor attractions is more now than ever before.

Coral World International goes further and provides viable solutions to both sustain and promote marine-life.


With our long and successful track record at maintaining beautiful and sustainable marine environments, we provide a reference point for environmental movements and projects.


Our work with Zalul has been pivotal in turning the tide on cage fishing in the Gulf of

Eilat- Akaba and saving the coral reef. in Israel.