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Whilst Coral World International has established itself as a prominent player in the global marine industry, and its expansion and success have offered numerous educational and recreational opportunities, it is crucial to shed light on the environmental impact and conservation efforts we carry out.




Attractions that clean up the future 


Coral World International is a front runner in creating  solutions for aquatic life to thrive.

Our long experience in creating successful exhibits in marine ocean centers makes us a go-to for other fledgling developments.


 As we strive to provide visitors with awe-inspiring experiences,we meticulously plan environmentally-friendly exhibits and adhere to all local, regional and national regulations.

In all Coral World ocean centers, we work with a large number of scientists and experts in the field and put the health of our thriving coral reefs and life at the core of every visitor attraction.

One of Coral World International's standout contributions  is its commitment to educating visitors about marine ecosystems and the need for environmental conservation. All the marine parks offer insightful exhibits, interactive displays, and enlightening presentations, all geared towards promoting understanding and connectivity with marine life. 


Coral World International  recognizes the importance of scientific research in understanding and safeguarding marine environments. The organization actively collaborates with experts, researchers, and conservation groups to conduct studies and implement initiatives that enhance conservation efforts. By supporting data-driven research, Coral World International contributes to scientific advancement in marine biology and ecology, aiding in the development of effective strategies to protect and restore fragile marine ecosystems.



About Conservation

The need for environmentally-savvy, forward thinking visitor attractions is more now than ever before.

Coral World International goes further and provides viable solutions to both sustain and promote marine-life.

Coral World International actively participates in various initiatives focused on the conservation and restoration of marine environments. This includes efforts to restore damaged coral reefs and the reduction of pollution from marine debris. Furthermore, we support and participates in global collaborations that seek to protect endangered marine species and their habitats.

With our long and successful track record at maintaining beautiful and sustainable marine environments, we provide a reference point for environmental movements and projects.

CWI's marine parks feature a wide array of marine life, including coral reefs and various species of fish. Although sourcing and maintaining an extensive collection of marine organisms raises concerns, CWI carefully curates its exhibits through partnerships and conservation programs that promote sustainable collection practices.


By prioritizing the preservation of biodiversity, CWI contributes to maintaining healthy ecosystems and raising awareness among visitors about the importance of marine conservation.


Our work with foundations hosted at our own marine centers and those we stand by we have been instrumental in preserving coral reefs, in the Red Sea, protecting and breeding marine species and in multiple research projects.  


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